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  • Description
    Item Specification
    Nominal Voltage 13.8V
    Nominal Capacity(@40A 25℃, CC-CV charge) 40Ah
    Energy(@40A 25℃, CC-CV charge) 552Wh
    Energy Density 76.6Wh/kg
    Size 425*70*211mm
    Weight 7.2kg
    Max Charge Protection Voltage 16.8V
    Cut-off Discharge Voltage 9V
    Max Continuous Discharge Current 240A
    Max Continuous Charge Current 240A
    Max pluse discharge or charge current 400A
    Internal Impedance(1 Hz AC, 10%SOC, 25℃) 2mΩ
    Cycle life at 2C charge and 2C discharge, 100%DOD,25℃) ≥25000 to 80% initial capacity
    Cycle life at 2C charge and 2C discharge, 100%DOD,55℃) ≥3000 to 90% initial capacity
    Calendar life at 25℃ 25 years

    Working Temperature
    Charge -40℃~+65℃,≤85%RH
    Recommend charge current ≤9A @ < 0 ℃
    Discharge -40℃~+65℃,≤90%RH
    Recommend discharge current ≤9A @ < 0 ℃
    Storage Temperature -40℃~+30℃,%RH
    Warranty One Year

    The battery bank do not contain a BMS. You should to install a BMS before using by yourself or inform us to help you to choose a BMS.  The BMS support Max current should be over your load.

    Product Quantity
    LTO 66160 battery cell x 6
    Busbar positive and negative x 2
    Series Busbar x 5
    M12 Nut x 12
    M6 Nut x 5

    The battery belong to dangerous goods. So, the battery must be shipped by a special way. The shipping fee include a DG fee(Dangerous Goods). If you doubt about the shipping cost or want to choose another shipping way. please send contact us by email:
    Except the battery, like the solar panel and other components without battery, no need the DG fee.

12V40Ah LTO battery bank

66160 LTO battery cell in series to 12V40Ah. With Busbar, nut. Without BMS.
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